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Do you wish you had a clear direct access to your Soul for the guidance you want and need?  Your Soul knows your exact pathway, you only need to become consciously aware of the messages and guidance.  I have created a fun and unique way for you to connect to your Soul and know the guidance it gives you.  With the added assistance of my unique coaching and healing as and when you need help and guidance.  Together, as a team, we will shift any blocking beliefs, struggles and hurdles.  Your life is meant to be awesome and your Soul and I will help you breakthrough.

What is this Soul Tour all about?

The Soul Tour is a full access membership to over 288 Soul Tour oracle e-cards

These unique oracle e-cards are packed with healing and coaching guidance to teach, guide and assist you to connect with your Soul.

When you connect to your Soul you will be guided to choosing the correct oracle e-cards for your current circumstance.

Soul Tour oracle e-cards will:

  help you through a challenge you may have at that time

  relate to any area of your life

  give you inspiration, clarity, focus, guidance, healing, coaching

  help you to Be Aware of your Soul communicating with you

  learn how magnificent your Soul is

  Gain access to:

  tips on Soul connection

  confidence in your intuition

  with the monthly membership you get full access to all the oracle e-cards at any time of day and night

  choose as many oracle e-cards as you like and as often as you like.  I recommended you use them daily

  this website is a mobile friendly one.  This means you can access it with your mobile device to choose an oracle e-card.

Included in the paid membership:

  is one attunement to consciously connect with your Soul – this is optional

want to know what the attunement is all about? learn more here

  wonderful live chat/email service to connect you with Tina.  This service “shine a little light on this” is available to you to ask for a little healing and coaching guidance, if you need it.  This is not a full healing or coaching appointment, but rather live chat/email communication to help you out a little more if you are stuck.

  1 x 1hour per month skype sessions when you need it.

  Soul Tour is like having your healing coach, Tina and your Soul in your pocket all the time.  Guidance at your finger tips, even on your mobile device.

The results of this membership

  Your life will transform as you connect more consciously to your Soul.  The attunement boosts your frequency level to connect you to your Soul.  You shift into an empowered vibration knowing your Soul has your back, every step of the way.  If you ever doubt your Soul’s support, you will have me and the oracle e-cards as a back-up to guide you.

  I am looking forward to connecting with you and helping you through any challenge along your journey to knowing your Soul.

  Your Soul and I are about to become your awakening team members as you become a Soul buddy.

  Are you ready to take the Soul Tour for guidance to come your way?

“Inspired thoughts are empowering”

Tina Cornish

Are you already a member of Be Aware Mastery?  Did you know your Be Aware Mastery membership entitles you to a monthly discount to this Soul Tour membership?  Follow the link inside of Be Aware Mastery to sign-up with your monthly discount.

Subscribe to the Full Access Paid Membership

In the full access unlimited monthly subscription.

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This includes:

  One *Attunement to consciously connect with your Soul. *optional

  Unlimited “shine a little light on this” live chat/email service to connect you with Tina.

  1 x 1hour per month skype sessions when you need it.

Before proceeding to payment, please ensure you read my Disclaimer.


Payment repeats every 30/31 days.


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One of the ‘puzzle pieces’ of your better life is:

your Soul knows