If I do the attunement now, can I repeat it?

It is not necessary to do that.  One attunement to your Soul is powerful for a lifetime.  However, you can repeat the attunement any time you like.  This would be useful if you have only began a conscious spiritual journey and not feeling confident or aware that your attunement did anything for you.  Each time you repeat it, you may notice a increase of your awareness as your vibrational frequency changes with your spiritual growth.  Perhaps you would like to share your experience with me if you repeat it.

Who can attune me?

I am the only one able to do this particular Soul attunement with you, via my lineage of teachings.  Reiki Masters, such as myself, have been attuned and taught how to attune another into a higher vibrational frequency.  Reiki Masters are qualified as teachers.  Reiki Masters have gone through years of experience in self-healing, healing others, channelling and attuning in.  We have the ability to safely guide your attunement.    Other Soul attunements by other Reiki Masters may carry a different vibratory level, lineage of teachings, and intentions to this one offered here by me.

What will I experience with the attunement?

Attunements affect each person differently, depending on your vibratory level when you first receive them.  If you have spent time doing work to expand your conscious awareness, and have reached a high vibratory level, the attunement will provide a very quick leap to an even higher level.  To someone just beginning consciousness work there is also a leap, but not so great.  You can increase your vibratory level and soul connection capacity by consciously working with yourself daily.  Especially using these e-cards to help you open into your consciousness.

What will the attunement do?

This Soul attunement will open up a conscious connection for you to access your Soul.  This basically makes a connection far more easily known to you.  It boosts and amplifies your conscious awareness to the connection.

Is an attunement necessary?

No, it is not essential.  It is your own choice to have an attunement.  You can also do the attunement at a later stage of your level of consciousness.  We are all connected to our Souls already.  The difference that comes with this particular attunement, is the consciousness awareness of your Soul.

What is an attunement?

An attunement is a process of aligning your energy vibration to a certain frequency.  Just as you tune in on a radio station that already exists to receive the radio channel clearly.  An attunement is just that.  This particular attunement aligns your energy frequency to your Soul, your spiritual vibration, your higher-self.  The attunement is conducted through the Reiki energy field.

Do I have to have the attunement?

No you don’t have to.  The attunement is optional.  The choice is yours.